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Social Responsibility

Ferrum Crescent Limited (Ferrum) recognises that the company has an inherent responsibility to deliver value to all stakeholders.

Ferrum has adopted a very proactive approach to its Corporate Social Responsibilities, Social and Labour Plan and Human Resource Management duties. The company is currently carrying out a detailed socio-economic study of the surrounding communities, namely, the Ga-Seleka and Ga-Shongoane communities. Once sufficient data has been collected the company will determine which areas require immediate attention. Appropriate strategies to address these areas will be developed and implemented accordingly at such time.

The company has developed a very sound and interactive relationship with government, state enterprises, mine communities and landowners over the past five years. Ferrum is committed to aligning the development of its communities more closely with the core business model to reinstate its role as proactive Corporate Citizen.

Ferrum firmly believes that the competence of its human capital is of utmost importance to the future success of the organisation. It furthermore recognises that in order to address the skill deficit faced by the workforce, considerable effort and investment should be directed towards the education, training and skill development of its employees and communities.

The primary purpose (as highlighted by the Department of Mineral Resources) of this Human Resource Development (HRD) Programme is to ensure that the workforce has an adequate supply of mining specific skills and competencies. Secondly, it is imperative that this programme makes provision for the skilling of employees and communities of portable skills utilisable beyond the life of mine. Such skills should be developed in such a manner that the skills can be applied in any sector of the economy once the mineral resource is depleted.

Ferrum recognises that in order to maintain sustainable development, the company needs to integrate its corporate responsibility towards social, economic and environmental practices.

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