Executive Management

Executive Management

The other key members of the management team of the Company are as follows:

Maria A. Montes

Maria A. Montes, exploration geologist in various projects in the Iberian Peninsula

Education: Degree in Geological Sciences at the University of Oviedo (NW Spain)
Geologist autonomous exploration (1993-1995) projects lead-zinc, limestone, nickel

Exploration geologist and project: Outokumpu Mining Spanish (1995-2002) projects lead-zinc, nickel, gold, massive sulphide

Geologist exploration project (2003-2004) in Rio Narcea Gold Mines in gold exploration in NW Spain

Freelance Senior Exploration Geologist (2005 to present): Planning and Control nformatización ei exploration and management of database and integration and modeling in GIS.

Juki Laurikko

Juki Laurikko, Sr. geologist with over 35 years’ experience in mineral exploration from South and Central-America, Scandinavia, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Spain and Turkey.

M.Sc., EurGeol. and as a member of the Federation of European Geologists acting as “Qualified Person” for Ferrum Crescent´s exploration projects.


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